Deusi Bhailo

Though this is the festival of Tihar –the festival of lights- but it is more noted for the Deusi & Bhailo activities. Tihar is the second greatest festival of Nepal which comes almost after three weeks of the great Bada Dashain, or the Bijaya Dashami. Just like the Teej is considered a great festival for the women, similarly Tihar is mostly special for the brothers, or the boys –a festival adoring the brothers with Teeka, and, in return, they promise the protection and fortune for their sisters. The boys usually play the Deusi, and they are called ‘Deuse’, and the girls play Bhailo, and they called ‘Bhaileni’, though they can play both the forms, reciting ‘Deusi re…’ and ‘Bhailii Ram…’.  

Playing the Deusi Bhailo activities prior to the Tihar festival is one of the principal yearly program of ANHS. It is celebrated usually in some of the senior American Nepali citizen’s house (s), or in some special location which would be easier for each and every interested participant. The fund raised from playing Deusi Bhailo, is used for the ANHS Academy or for the any of the ANHS benevolence work.

But, again, due to the Pandemic, Covid-19, this yearly program of ANHS has also been restricted only to the zoom-celebration, as was organized in 2020 and 2021. ANHS is hoping for the better days ahead in 2022. Yet, the zoom-celebration has also been liked very well by the American Nepali community.