America Nepal Helping Society (अमेरिका नेपाल सहयोगी समाज)

America Nepal Helping Society (ANHS) is a registered non-profit organization, under the US law 501 C (3), based & mostly active in Northern Virginia. It was established on the unique time of Thanksgiving Day on November 27, 2008. As the name itself suggests, ANHS is an American Nepali community based association dedicated in promotion and the preservation of Nepali customs, traditions, culture, religious festivities and language predominantly in DMV (Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland) metropolitan area. The distinctive feature of this organization is that it works for the community, to the community and by the community. So it is obvious that working in accordance with its by-laws, the organization convenes its general assembly in every two years and elects a new executive committee for coming two years, and the process goes on & on.

Besides such activities, ANHS also raises fund and supports for charitable purposes such as natural disasters and the likes. It also provides its helping hands for the community members who get critically sick, and who are in need of any support or backing. Along with all these, ANHS regularly organizes different cultural & religious festivities, and participates in various community activities. The ANHS have unfathomable faith in philanthropy.

Message From The President 

Dear visitors, 

Hello and Namaste. 

Thank you for giving us your invaluable time and visiting our official website. 

We feel very glad to share you this information that the America Nepal Helping Society (ANHS) is a registered non-profit organization and it is based in Northern Virginia. We are a community based organization, serving  exclusively in Nepal and the United States of America since the initiation of ANHS in 2008 . 

We regularly organize and celebrate a number of annual events that represent the Nepali culture, tradition and rituals, i.e. Teej, Bada Dashain, Tihar etc. An annual picnic carnival is also a great occasion for all the interested American Nepalese individuals and the families. The mission behind all these celebrations is to promote and help for the preservation of the Nepali socio-cultural value in the USA. 

We also provide support for individuals or the organizations to promote Nepali cultural as well as educational activities. 

Besides organizing health fair and talk programs, ANHS, as a strong believer in philanthropy, is always prepared to extend its helping hands for the needy Nepalese individuals. 

One of our fundamental program, developed as ANHS Academy, is positively running since February 2016. The academy committed to provide quality Nepali education, with a goal of promoting as well as preserving Nepalese culture and heritage among the Nepalese community. 

I humbly appreciate to all our members, supporters and donors without whom the ANHS activities and programs are not made possible. All of you have contributed charitably and greatly to our cause. I am confident that all such cooperation and contribution, large or small, from you will continue on every occasion in the days ahead. 

Last but not least, due to the ongoing predicament of the ‘Sars Covid-19’, I urge you all, please stay safe & sound by properly using the mask, sanitizer and maintaining physical distancing. And candidly do follow the CDC guidelines. 

Thank you,

Kamal Bhattarai 


America Nepal Helping Society