America Nepal Helping Society (अमेरिका नेपाल सहयोगी समाज)

America Nepal Helping Society (ANHS) is a registered non-profit organization, under the US law 501 C (3), based & mostly active in Northern Virginia. It was established on the unique time of Thanksgiving Day on November 27, 2008. As the name itself suggests, ANHS is an American Nepali community based association dedicated in promotion and the preservation of Nepali customs, traditions, culture, religious festivities and language predominantly in DMV (Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland) metropolitan area. The distinctive feature of this organization is that it works for the community, to the community and by the community. So it is obvious that working in accordance with its by-laws, the organization convenes its general assembly in every two years and elects a new executive committee for coming two years, and the process goes on & on.

Besides such activities, ANHS also raises fund and supports for charitable purposes such as natural disasters and the likes. It also provides its helping hands for the community members who get critically sick, and who are in need of any support or backing. Along with all these, ANHS regularly organizes different cultural & religious festivities, and participates in various community activities. The ANHS have unfathomable faith in philanthropy.

Message From The President 

Greetings to our Valued Visitors,

We extend our heartfelt greetings and warm Namaste to all of you who have taken the time to visit our official website. We are exceptionally grateful for your time and interest in the America Nepal Helping Society (ANHS), a registered non-profit organization based in the DC Metro Northern Virginia area.

Our primary mission is to promote and help preserve Nepali socio-cultural values in the USA. We want to deliver a strong community where you can feel at home and celebrate your culture and heritage, even on the other side of the world. We also provide support to individuals and organizations looking to promote Nepali cultural and educational activities.

Since our inception in 2008, ANHS has been devoted to serving both Nepal and the United States. As a community-based organization, we take great pride in organizing several annual events that celebrate and showcase Nepali culture, traditions, and rituals. Events for Teej and Tihar are some examples of what we host. We celebrate and invite all interested American Nepalese as well as outside individuals and families to all social events. Furthermore, if you are a member of the organization, a member’s guest, or family members of a student we extend an invitation to our annual picnic where we have food, games, music, and more. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

ANHS is a strong believer in philanthropy and extends its helping hand to Nepalese individuals who may be in need of anything. We regularly organize programs as part of our mission to assist the Nepalese community. Additionally, we are helping hands to surrounding societies and partake if help is needed. 

Our ANHS Academy is one of our fundamental programs, positively running since February 2016. The Academy is dedicated to providing a quality Nepali education while promoting and preserving Nepalese language, culture and heritage among the Nepalese youth. We are pleased to report that our Academy has been thriving, and we have had many students graduate with excellent results. Due to our classes moving online after the pandemic we have been able to expand our student backgrounds to those who are out of state and in different countries.

We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to all our members, supporters, and donors. Without your charitable contributions and support, none of our activities and programs would be possible. We hope that you will continue to cooperate and contribute to our cause, no matter how large or small. We are constantly striving to improve our services and outreach to the community, and we welcome any suggestions or feedback that you may have.

Lastly, due to the recent news of the pandemic being over, we hope to see more of you in person during our events and bring back some normality while expressing our culture.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Januki Ojha

President America Nepal Helping Society