ANHS Academy

America Nepal Helping Society is positively running a not-for-profit Academy since February 2016, entitled ‘ANHS Academy’. The Academy, which is run in Manassas (Virginia), provides classes on learning how to read & write Nepali language, and about the Nepali culture. The class schedule usually is on every Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM, and each class is scheduled for 45 minutes.

The Academy is committed to provide quality education, with a goal of promoting as well as preserving Nepalese culture and heritage among the Nepalese community residing over the United States of America.

School curriculum includes the instructions regarding reading, writing, and verbal communication in Nepali language, and also the cultural education for the kids who are 4-13 years old. We believe that improving the knowledge and understanding of the Nepali language and culture among new generation certainly helps to keep our customs and traditions alive in the USA.